3M 501 Filter Retainer

3M 501 Filter Retainer

The 3M Filter Retainer 501, Respiratory Protection System Component holds 3M Particulate Filters 5N11 in place on top of 3M Respirators 6000 Series and 3M Cartridges 6000 Series (all respirators, filters and cartridges sold separately).

Product Description

  1. Approved 3M system component.
  2. Designed to hold 3M Particulate Filter 5N11 and 5P71/07194 (AAD) (sold separately)
  3. Component works with 3M Respirator 6000 Series and 3M Cartridges 6000 Series.
  4. Color: Translucent white
  5. Measures 4” high x 8.5” long x 4.5” wide

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