About Us

O&E Group current businesses include those in the industries of engineering, environmental and science. The principal operating units of the Group are O&E Technologies Sdn Bhd, O&E Construction Sdn Bhd and O&E Laboratories Sdn Bhd.
The Group provides its services to various governmental bodies as well as to the private sectors which are involved in the industrial and manufacturing, properties developers, construction sectors, oil and gas, energy, petrochemicals and food manufacturing, our group is a well-established participant in the Malaysian environmental market in the segment of instruments and monitoring systems and laboratory testing services. Over the past years, we have undertaken over 400 projects and supported more than 100 businesses and governmental organisations to implement and optimise their sustainable development practices.
Environment & Health
Impact Assessment
Industrial Effluent
Wastewater Treatment
Social & Economic Impact
Environmental & Laboratories Testing
Air Pollution Control
Health & Laboratories
Landscape, Drainage, Civil & Structure
Compliance Auditing

Our Principles

We pledge to provide distinctive quality as we strive to garner the respect and trust from our clients.

Service Excellence

With our extensive experience, we provide smart and cost-effective solutions that are always tailored to the requirements of our clients. We work to not only meet the needs of our clients in terms of statutory requirements and associated regulations, but we fundamentally believe in adding value to our client's businesses and projects. Contact us directly for more information regarding to our capabilities, staffs and recent project experiences.

Quality, Safety, Health & Environment

We are committed to providing high quality professional services and safeguarding the health and safety at all times. The company quality and health & safety management systems are certified to the ISO 9001 standards respectively.

Our Company and Personnel are Proudly Registered with the Following

Standards Malaysia
Medical Device Authority Malaysia
CIDB Malaysia
Jabatan Keselamatan dan Kesihatan Pekerjaan Malaysia
Ministry of Finance of Malaysia
National Enviroment Agency
Jabatan Perancangan Bandar dan Desa